Tuesday, November 22, 2011


i think the occupy crowds are misdirected and hypocritical. they want to protest corporations but enjoy corporate success like supermarkets, ski resorts, and iphones... they also protest on increase of tuition but right now 80% of California education taxes go towards paying union teachers and their retirement.
if they want to live corporation free and grow their own food, unplug their cable tv, throw away their laptops and then demand the state unions reduce the high benefits for the teachers then i might listen.
i do think the cop was wrong to pepper spray the kids who were sitting down, pepper spray is a weapon and should only be used under extreme circumstances.
if the kids are against corporations they need to stop supporting them. no cars, gas, phones etc..
if they want cheaper tuition then they should protest teacher unions.
the first amendment right to assemble is the right to protest the government it is subject to specific rules and circumstances. if a park has rules that prohibit camping then camping against that law or rule is no longer lawful assembly.