Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1. Why do you make art? 
i try and make art to show other spectators how i feel about something. i don't tend to make images or accessories that will just blend in with their surroundings, i like to make a point and try and convince others to see it my way. sometimes i have an inkling to make some kind of art and others i have to push and pull and be assigned something to perform.  

2. What is the function or role of an artist in today's culture? (This is your personal take on this, it doesn't have to be an "objective" or comprehensive analysis) 
i think it's up to us as artists to show people what their missing. artist is such a broad role including fashion, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, film making, and much more. as consumers we feel the need to want more and to see more of something that is new to us. so as one of the main functions of the artist is to keep inspiring others and keep throwing out produce that people are happy to drink up...... (i dont know if i like this response but its what i think is true).
3. Who are three working artists you can think of, who you might contact to interview about their professional lives? You will only be contacting one, but I want you to have a couple fallback options if your first couple choices end up being unavailable. 

Sally Mann, Easton Schirra, Shawn Barber, Alexander McQueen, David LaChapelle, Russell James

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