Thursday, September 1, 2011

questions for interview?

what got you interested in painting and drawing?
did you go to school for this?
if so what school and what was your major?
if so what was something critical you picked up in school?
what lead you to acrylics on wood?
what are the parts of your process? drawing, sketching, then painting?
only acrylics? what are your other mediums?
do you ever leave some as drawings and don't move on to paintings?
what does your work mean?
who is your work for?
did you want to inspire others to get your work as tattoos?
do you like that you inspire people to get your works tattooed?
are you inspired by where you live?
does living in the OC affect your work?


  1. how do you sell your art? is it offline or in gallery showings?

  2. what else do you do on the side to help you survive if you're not selling paintings?